Present Men 

"On the road to peaceful presence there may be a masculine principle at play,
yet infinite ways of
being a living and loving (hu)man"




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Intro & Theory 
Examples & Practice 




Being peaceful requires to be conscious of the deeper reality and the polarities of life.
Being conscious allows to be present, not hiding or running from the intensity and challenges those realities and polarities create
Being present involves to find out and know who you really are.
Being proactive enables us to share that with the world.
Being a peaceful, conscious, present and active man is a great present to the world
It enables us to meet our edge, grow beyond old concepts of manhood and be the man we chose to be!
For that we do not only need other men around us but it´s not possible without women.

Through exchange and exercise, we explore the personal and collective dimensions of being a man, father and/or son, as well as the experience and quality of masculinity and/or manhood in our lives.
We will then explore ways of creating social impact and what it could mean to be a peaceful warrior in todays world.
That includes our personal relationships, our professional lives, our public life and social, local and global networks.
The intention is to be part of a global movement to heal the relationship between men, between men and women and even with our inner women.






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Training for men
with Felix Falkenhahn

Contribution: 1350€*  (including an individual session)
* family and friends reduction possible

> We meet once a month all day on a Sunday (10 a.m. - 6 p.m.) at Wende 8 in Bad Freienwalde near Berlin and once a month online.
> Those who have traveled far have the opportunity to stay overnight in our beautiful place.
> Each participant receives a personal “buddy” (partner) for the duration, as well as regular impulses and resources.
> Together we also develop the "Roadmap to Presence", a kind of personal map/orientation, which includes, among other things, regular, individually optimized practice/action.
> This enables each individual to achieve lasting change in key areas of life, to embody the qualities we desire most, and to tackle the projects and heartfelt concerns that require our full presence, willpower, and responsiveness.
> All of this happens on the basis of a nurturing and supportive contact with other men and people who, for a year, commit to taking essential, loving, courageous and sustainable steps and to strengthening each other's backs.
> The open retreats in autumn enable the training to be deepened/expanded.
> Each participant can take advantage of a free individual session with Felix.

Touchable & vital body - Inspired & focused mind - Feeling & loving soul

BODY - Care for and train your body regularly! Learn and explore what it means to be truly powerful, sensual, upright and well grounded and centered in the body

SPIRIT - Clear direction and vision for your own path! Recognize and use our diverse intellectual possibilities, resources and creativity

SOUL - Experience the soul as a source of healing and integration! Feel and allow what accompanies and inspires our human and male nature

>> Body awareness training, breathing and body work, learning
body therapy basics
>> Accepting, experiencing and challenging our humanity
and masculinity (beyond all male stereotypes)
>> Integration and exploration of masculine and feminine parts
>> Working with personal mental, physical, emotional
Core topics (light and shadow, vision, project, calling)
>> Researching, experiencing and using archetypal role models
Elemental forces, basic principles of life and the
seasonal qualities
>> Develop a daily body-oriented, meditative,
transformative practice/action
>> Personal session(s) with Felix

Please feel free to contact us for a personal preliminary discussion!




Infos zur Körper- und Gestalttherapie, Coachings und Begleitung von Paaren und Beziehungen unter:
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Männertraining (Roadmap to Presence): 
17.03. / 14.04. / 05.05. / 02.06. / 07.07 / 25.08. / 15.09. / 13.10. / 23.+24.11.  
Männersauna im UHU-Berlin: 8. April ab 18:30
6. April "Agape Zoe"
7.-9. Juni "Yoga United"
20.-23. Juni "UHU on Air"
: 14.-16. Juni in der Wende 8  INFO!
Liquid Body Touch:
30.8.-1.9. in der Wende 8  INFO!
Männerzeit: 19.-22. Oktober
Retreat für Paare: 3.-6. Oktober
Intensivtag zum Kennenlernen
Zeit: Sonntag, 17. März, 10-18 Uhr
Beitrag: 120€ (Beitrag Training siehe unten)
Essen: Mitzbringbuffet
Übernachtung: auf Anfrage
Ort: Wende 8, Bad Freienwalde
INFO & ANMELDUNG - Tel. 0177-4978768
"Das größte Geschenk, das wir uns selbst und anderen im Leben machen können, ist es WIRKLICH ANWESEND zu sein, KÖRPERLICH, GEISTIG und SEELISCH.
Aber bist du bereit für ein neues und grundlegendes Level an ENTSPANNUNG, INTENSITÄT, LEBENDIGKEIT und LIEBESFÄHIGKEIT?“




While in the context of Men@Peace we refer to the warrior as "he", it is an essential archetypical quality in both men and women.

Standing up for yourself
When a child arrives on the face of the earth and takes its first breath in, it begins the long journey of standing up for his deepest life purpose and unique quality of being.
If this is accompanied by love, freedom and a sense of connection, the peaceful warrior arises to stand his ground and bless the world with his greatest gifts and a healthy yes and no. This warrior develops the capacity to fully respect the reality and dignity of all other beings.
A warrior-child lacking those qualities will turn life power against itself and others and become the violent warrior.

Beyond war
The warrior archetype is thus beyond good and bad and stands for the simple human right of moving, being, wanting and giving the best in life. This original willing of the warrior permeates all beings in life and makes up for a world full of color, complexity and astonishing beauty.

Freedom & Connection
As each unique warrior fully shows up and is completely seen and respected by others in his being and longing, the striving for personal power, domination and human rights are transformed.
A conscious and universal intelligence becomes present to (re)create a world where individual and collective purpose, freedom and connection, even war and peace are no contradiction.

Stillness & Feeling
Any path from somewhere old into something new always starts right now. Yet as sentient and vulnerable human beings to fully embrace the present moment with all its intensity and emotions, especially in times of social or personal turmoil and war, it takes courage and stillness to feel.
The greatest challenge for the peaceful warrior is to stay grounded in his spirit when life´s contradictions seduce him to escape this way or that.
If he remains still when the heat is on, he can take powerful and responsible decisions and actions serving not only himself but the other as well.

Warrior & Visionary
When the right of being in existence with his natural and unique quality that characterizes the peaceful warrior is well established, he can hand his power over to the visionary who will start shaping and co-creating a new era of peace on earth and dance the dance of (R)Evolution.


The 3 hearts of the peaceful warriors

"There are two hearts beating in our chest.
The first is singing the song of connection and touch,
the second is filled with the spirit of freedom.
But there is a third heart living inside, 
loving the sound of silence and presence!
When these three hearts are beating disconnected and lonely,
polarization takes over
and pain, war or death can occur, 
Yet when these hearts beat uniquely inspired as one, 
True power emerges,
and intuition and peace will be present and guide us!
This peace doesn´t come from the absence of war, but through the love of the peaceful warrior, whose heart is beating full of passion for life, forever connected and free." Felix