Present Men


"There may be a masculine principle
yet infinite ways of
being a living (hu)man"


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Men@Peace – Present Men – Intention

"Being peaceful requires to be conscious of the deeper reality and the polarities of life.
Being conscious allows to be present, not hiding or running from the intensity and challenges those realities and polarities create
Being present involves to find out and know who you really are.
Being proactive enables us to share that with the world.
Being a peaceful, conscious, present and active man is a great present to the world
It enables us to meet our edge, grow beyond old concepts of manhood and be the man we chose to be!
For that we do not only need other men around us but it´s not possible without women.

Through exchange and exercise, we explore the personal and collective dimensions of being a man, father and/or son, as well as the experience and quality of masculinity and/or manhood in our lives.
We will then explore ways of creating social impact and what it could mean to be a peaceful warrior in todays world.
That includes our personal relationships, our professional lives, our public life and social, local and global networks.
The intention is to be part of a global movement to heal the relationship between men, between men and women and even with our inner women.

In between our monthly meetings we will practice a daily and personal 5-minute ritual to keep us on track with our deeper calling and purpose, perform one personal act of courage to meet our edge, plan action events to create social impact. (see calendar)

Men´s Retreat / Männer-Retreat 14.-17. September 2023
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every 4th wednesday 



During the summertime we are meeting in the countryside location of the UHU (Urban Healing Unit - and you are invited to land in the afternoon already to enjoy, prepare and wind down or jump into the nearby lake.
We start around 6pm witha a snack, sauna and checking in, and from 7pm we dive in with the whole group and devote ourselves to various topics with the aim of strengthening, relaxing and healing our male-human-masculine presence in all possible areas of life, each for himself and as Community (see below).
Afterwards there is time for integration and chill-out, of course with at least one crisp sauna infusion, which we celebrate appropriately and will use for our topics. We will then end at midnight at the latest.

We have set the regular contribution at € 45, including sauna and/or bathtub, You are very welcome to give more or a social contribution if you really have little money. 
You are welcome to spend the night and give a little extra for that.

We are still an open group and welcoming new men.

A warm welcome from
Felix and Andre

MAN * Those who are not clearly classified as men or women or who are currently in a transition and change and who want to heal and strengthen their male-masculine side are expressly invited
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• What happens when you, as a man, give up your restraint, feel and show yourself with all your potential, your vulnerability and your strength, and take on leadership and responsibility for it?
• What insights and experiences are possible if you allow encounter and touch and trust your male body intelligence and intuition?
• What if, as a man, you dare to be really present and visible with your feelings, needs, resistances, dreams, projects and impulses and are you in action?

... and what if all of this happens in a group of men in which friendship and competition are not contradictory and in which you are supported consciously and with appreciation? A circle in which not everything revolves around yourself, but you immerse yourself in a powerful common movement with your individuality. A movement that lives from the fact that you are involved with all your corners, edges and qualities and also confront.

Let's explore our masculinity and masculinity together, beyond male stereotypes. See below for more on the vision! Welcome to the UHU men's group!



** Play and research with personal and collective topics, elementary and archetypal qualities and principles of creation

** Body awareness training, dance & movement, body and touch sessions

** fathers-sons-fathers relationship

** Develop and carry out daily meditation and action practice

** Mutual support in relation to our own calling and our everyday challenges

** Clarify and strengthen man-woman relationship

** Networking & exchange with other groups of men

** if necessary joint actions


A warm welcome for all men who are ready to face their own light and shadow and consciously experience centering in the ups and downs of life.

The time of repressing is over, let us touch and courageously move and grow heartily at our limits and broaden horizons.

The UHU men's ice cream is intended for men who are ready to carry this clarity and presence into the challenging moments of life. Moments in which we can convert confusion, grief, aggression, polarization, pain, lust and diverse emotions into pure feeling, into intensity, enthusiasm, motivation and healing.

AND for men who are ready for a new, touchable and powerful dimension in relation to their fellow men, their own masculinity and women. For this reason, there will also be a meeting room with women ** during the year.

We also see ourselves as part of a larger, global tribe of men and women who are ready for a healing change in individual and collective consciousness and a new, wonderful coexistence.
That is why we want to put our own research, calling and fulfillment in the service of the big picture and create peace and creativity in our family and social environment!


While in the context of Men@Peace we refer to the warrior as "he", it is an essential archetypical quality in both men and women.

Standing up for yourself
When a child arrives on the face of the earth and takes its first breath in, it begins the long journey of standing up for his deepest life purpose and unique quality of being.
If this is accompanied by love, freedom and a sense of connection, the peaceful warrior arises to stand his ground and bless the world with his greatest gifts and a healthy yes and no. This warrior develops the capacity to fully respect the reality and dignity of all other beings.
A warrior-child lacking those qualities will turn life power against itself and others and become the violent warrior.

Beyond war
The warrior archetype is thus beyond good and bad and stands for the simple human right of moving, being, wanting and giving the best in life. This original willing of the warrior permeates all beings in life and makes up for a world full of color, complexity and astonishing beauty.

Freedom & Connection
As each unique warrior fully shows up and is completely seen and respected by others in his being and longing, the striving for personal power, domination and human rights are transformed.
A conscious and universal intelligence becomes present to (re)create a world where individual and collective purpose, freedom and connection, even war and peace are no contradiction.

Stillness & Feeling
Any path from somewhere old into something new always starts right now. Yet as sentient and vulnerable human beings to fully embrace the present moment with all its intensity and emotions, especially in times of social or personal turmoil and war, it takes courage and stillness to feel.
The greatest challenge for the peaceful warrior is to stay grounded in his spirit when life´s contradictions seduce him to escape this way or that.
If he remains still when the heat is on, he can take powerful and responsible decisions and actions serving not only himself but the other as well.

Warrior & Visionary
When the right of being in existence with his natural and unique quality that characterizes the peaceful warrior is well established, he can hand his power over to the visionary who will start shaping and co-creating a new era of peace on earth and dance the dance of (R)Evolution.


The 3 hearts of the peaceful warriors

"There are two hearts beating in our chest.
The first is singing the song of connection and touch,
the second is filled with the spirit of freedom.
But there is a third heart living inside, 
loving the sound of silence and presence!
When these three hearts are beating disconnected and lonely,
polarization takes over
and pain, war or death can occur, 
Yet when these hearts beat uniquely inspired as one, 
True power emerges,
and intuition and peace will be present and guide us!
This peace doesn´t come from the absence of war, but through the love of the peaceful warrior, whose heart is beating full of passion for life, forever connected and free." Felix


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The time is ripe for conscious men to gather and rise.

This group is a platform for men of all walks of life to connect, grow and support each other to become conscious men beyond all male stereotypes. We connect here to create new meaning of what it means to be a man and a community of men, locally and globally.

In this group we share events, circles (local and international) as well as inspirational articles, videos and news relevant to our quest.

What we seek in this group is to be and become conscious of the realities and polarities of life. This means not to hide or run from the intensity, the emotions and dynamics they create in all our relations: personal, professional, inner and outer, local and global, with men and with women.

Being conscious and present involves finding out and knowing who we really are and want to be as men, what we have to share with the world, and that being a conscious man is a great gift to life.

We seek consciousness, wisdom, integration and transformation.
We acknowledge the interplay of personal, collective and planetary transformation - and we see the need for truly conscious and peaceful men rising in this unfolding evolution.

We invite an exploration of embodied manhood that embraces both the inner masculine and feminine aspects of our being, as well as our relation to the women in this world.

Equally important to say that this group also wants to include all persons who cannot fully say they embody one of the two polar sexes or genders - and feel drawn to the quest into masculinity nevertheless.

We believe that healing our inner contradictions, deepening our relationships with women and the feminine as well as learning to play joyfully with the polarities and complexities of life, is at the core of living in a world full of peace. A world where we learn to use anger, sadness, fear, pain and joy and EVERYTHING that we consciously experience to co-create the world of our dreams.

A warm welcome to Conscious Men / Männerpräsenz

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Some meetings and events will be filmed for the documentary "Manhood" by director Alex Gabbay.

A boy asks his father "what makes a man a man?". In times of complex identity men are being encouraged to redefine themselves. Patriarchy is being updated and is being asked to both 'man up' and 'man down'. But what does this mean? It's a confusing time for men, adolescents and for all of us. The film explores what defines masculinity and maleness and contemplates breaking though the boundaries of these definitions. Through intimate portraits of men and adolescents we take an honest look at ourselves and reflect on other possibilities.
The trailers for all the films in this series are at